Tee Zone Grill

September Hours:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday Only!

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Fresh Cut Spuds

Small $3.10 Med $4.00 Large $5.09


TZ Burger – Juicy 4oz all beef burger on the BBQ on a sesame seed bun served the way you want it $5.97
Tap in Dog – Mildly spiced 7″ hotdog straight off the BBQ served on a toasted sesame seed bun with all the fixin’s $3.98
Brat Sausage – Mild sausage on a bun.  Hot off the grill and mild on the taste buds $4.65
Albatross Tenders – All white chicken breast tenderloins in a light crispy coating served with plum sauce or Buffalo Style $5.97
Birdie on a Bun – Regular or Buffalo Chicken breast lightly coated in a delicate crispy seasoned breading served on a sesame seed bun $6.25

Combos (includes pop and fries)

TZ Burger  $9.73
Tap in Dog  $7.74
Brat Sausage  $8.23
Albatross Tenders  (Regular or Buffalo)  $9.51
Birdie on a Bun  (Regular or Buffalo)  $9.73

BeerBeer Cans   

Domestic $5.00
Imported $5.53

Soft Drinkssoft drinks

Pop $2.21
Pop – Canned $1.33
Powerade $2.43
Dasani Water $1.99
Juice $2.43
Nestea half and half $2.66
Eska Water $1.77
Vitamin Water $2.66